Best Practices

What would you consider to be the “best practices” for DOMs? Of course there will be some “best” general principles which carry over in every setting, but as well there are “best” things to do in each distinct setting of city, urban, and rural. Give us your thoughts.

Use the Comments box below to submit your thoughts.

Here are some of the things which were mentioned a couple years ago during our March DOM meeting.

On-Mission Celebration – every 3 years

Bible Training Center for Pastors

Association Organizational Chart

Associational D-Now

Associational Prayer Journey

Associational Monthly Day of Prayer

Associational Council-Administrative Team

Monthly Pastor’s Lunch or Breakfast

Telephone contact with a Pastor every day

Bi-weekly e-news contact

2nd Saturday Youth Event at Office

Associational newsletter with “meat”

Facebook- with interviews, etc.

Pastor-less Church Training

Personal Prayer Time with a specific strategy for every day of the month

Face-to-face contact with pastors, churches, community.

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