Below is a map of the Missouri Baptist Associations.

DOM Fellowship Officers

Gary Mathes, President

John Vernon, President Elect

Richard Nations, Treasurer

Phillip Shuford, Secretary

Jim Gentry, Communications

Advisory Committee

Central region – Alan Earls (2021-2022)

West Central region – John Britten (2021-2022)

Northeast region – Al Groner (2021-2022)

Southeast region – Bob Curtis (2021-2022)

East Central region – Jim Plymale (2020-2021)

South Central region – Mike Walker (2020-2021)

Northwest region – Roger Brumley (2020-2021)

Southwest region – Michael Haynes (2020-2021)

State Fair Ministry

Russ Slocum (Co-Chair)

John Brittain (Co-Chair)

Richard Nations

Al Groner

Robert Sisney, (ex-officio)

Nominating Committee:

Frank Welch

Alan Brock

Nick Catrow

Contact information for each person can be found on the DOM Directory.

MO Baptist DOM Fellowship Constitution

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