Below is a map of the Missouri Baptist Associations.

DOM Fellowship Officers

John Vernon, President

John Brittain, Vice President

Richard Nations, Treasurer

Phillip Shuford, Secretary

Jim Gentry, Communications

Advisory Committee

Central region – Trent Young (2023-2024)

West Central region – Gary Mathis (2023-2024)

Northeast region – Richard Nations (2023-2024)

Southeast region – Roger Graham (2021-2022)

East Central region – Bob Feeler (2022-2023)

South Central region – Mike Walker (2022-2023)

Northwest region – Roger Brumley (2022-2023)

Southwest region – Mitch Fisher (2022-2023)

State Fair Ministry

Russ Slocum (Co-Chair)

John Brittain (Co-Chair)

Richard Nations

Al Groner – Treasurer

Robert Sisney, (ex-officio)

Nominating Committee:

Nick Catrow, Preston Thompson, & ___________(a person appointed by the President)

MBC Staff Relating to Associations

Spencer Hutson, MBC Liaison

Brandon Moore, MBC Leadership Development Assistant to the Liason

Contact information for each person can be found on the DOM Directory.

MO Baptist DOM Fellowship Constitution

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