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What is an Association?

An Association is a family of Southern Baptist churches that voluntarily join together in ministry. They are formed on a regional basis, sometimes a county or group of adjoining counties. Missouri has 61 Baptist Associations that relate in a cooperative fashion with each other, the Missouri Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Within the Association each church remains autonomous – independent and self governing – yet they partner together to fulfill the mission of Christ. Together they become more effective at reaching their ministry area and building the family of Christ.

The Importance of an Association

The Association was the first form of cooperation among Baptist churches. The first mission activities for Baptists were through associations. The Association provides a means for churches to do a greater work together than they can do alone.

What is a DOM?

Almost every Association has a Director of Missions, also know as an Associational Missionary (Strategist) in some States. 

The role of the DOM is to assist the Church with it’s mission of spreading the gospel and giving each person an opportunity to find salvation in Christ.  As the face of the Association, he serves as a catalyst for helping churches partner together in the cooperative effort to reach their communities.

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