State Fair Outreach Ministry

All the exhibitors have been cancelled for the 2020 State Fair. There will be no MO Baptist outreach booth there this year. Look for us in 2021.

The schedule for this year’s outreach is downloadable below. For the most part it is filled, with teams ready to serve on each day we need them. However, there is still space and the opportunity to have your small team or individuals from your Association to serve. Contact be asap and I’ll do my best to get you scheduled where you can make the biggest impact.

If you haven’t sent a team before, how about visiting with us about your involvement and maybe a team from your association next year? Drop by the tent during the fair and see for yourself how God is using this ministry.

Report of the State Fair Baptist Tent Committee for 2019

We want to thank the State Fair team and leaders of associations across Missouri who sent folks to work at the Baptist Tent at the state fair this past August 8-18 in Sedalia.

The good news is 40 people got saved in the tent during those couple of weeks. That is an average of about 4 per day. There were 9 others who made re-commitments of their lives to the Lord. 6 other people said they are open to finding a church in their community. So we have sent e-mails/letters and made calls to pastors in communities all over Missouri and the U.S. to attempt to connect these people with a Baptist or evangelical church and pastor. We managed to talk personally with a pastor in a community for all of those making decisions and searching for a church so we are hoping and praying the folks are being baptized, discipled and assimilated into those

Thank you to the state fair committee and team. John Brittain and myself really appreciate Ken Hawkins, Russ Slocum, Robert Sisney, Ron Satterwhite, Don Satterwhite, Greg Ballowe, Al Groner and Spencer Hutson for giving leadership to this effort. Dr. John Yeats, Spencer Hutson and Gaylon Moss also contributed with volunteers and we really appreciate the help in two sessions where MBC staff and MBC disaster relief workers volunteered along with our association and church partners. To the tent managers and the associational leaders and DOMs, we really appreciate your group coming to the fair and helping with the Baptist tent. There were 24 different groups from associations, churches and the state convention. What a great picture of cooperation among our Baptist entities!

Directors of Missions, I hope you will say a word of appreciation to those who were part of your association’s team this summer? Whether they were calling people into the tent, witnessing with the 3-minute testimony or the 3 Circles tract or if they were praying for the effort, we appreciate their involvement. 40 people are on their way to Heaven now as a result.

God bless all of you.
Richard Nations and John Brittain, State Fair Ministry co-chairs

Contact Richard Nations:

Richard Nations
Director of Missions: Thousand Hills Baptist Association
1701 Jamison, Kirksville, MO 63501

660-342-7658 or

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