Why Revitalize the Church?

Brandon Moore, Church Revitalization Specialist, Missouri Baptist Convention Last post, we focused on God’s target for His church: what we are shooting for in church revitalization. Before we get into specifics on how to work with churches in need of revitalization, one more key element remains: why should we revitalize churches? Our why will shapeContinue reading “Why Revitalize the Church?”

Shooting for God’s Target

Brandon Moore, Church Revitalization Specialist, Missouri Baptist Convention My son has come to love one of my favorite childhood movies: Robin Hood. The legend surrounding his feats of archery are amazing. He always hit his target! No one could top him, but imagine Robin Hood was traveling through the countryside and came across a barnContinue reading “Shooting for God’s Target”

Pathway Toward Revitalization

by John Vernon As we consider revitalization of churches, one of the first questions we must address is how to determine if a church is in need of revitalization. Generally an outsider can see this much more clearly than a member of the church, given that local churches are autonomous congregations, the revitalization team comesContinue reading “Pathway Toward Revitalization”

Church Life Cycle Basics

Below is a presentation which Gary Mathes would present concerning church revitalization. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature posts which focus on this topic. I’ve asked John Vernon to help with this, and he suggested this would be a good starting point. It’s important to have this basic understanding before starting the conversation aboutContinue reading “Church Life Cycle Basics”