Are Relational Proficiencies Biblical?

by Glenn Davis In my last article, I asked the question, “Are Relational Proficiencies necessary?” I believe that they are necessary.  They are the conduit through which we are able to bless others. Relational proficiencies are being taught and practiced with success in the business world.  But are they Biblical?  I believe the answer isContinue reading “Are Relational Proficiencies Biblical?”

Are Relational Proficiencies Necessary?

by Glenn Davis, AMS Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association The Water Tower Analogy I have talked some in the previous article about the need for relational proficiencies. We all have quoted the adage, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Relational proficiencies are the language that allowsContinue reading “Are Relational Proficiencies Necessary?”

Developing Relational Skills

Glenn Davis Glenn serves as Associational Mission Strategist, for the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association. He has focused on several of the proficiencies DOMs should build as they work toward moving their Associations forward in God’s work. In 2018, the Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders met just prior to the Southern Baptist ConventionContinue reading “Developing Relational Skills”